Education is no longer a one-time event but a lifelong experience. Degree programs do not provide continuous learning and improvement of skills that is required to succeed in today’s fast paced professional world.

edugate is a skills and competency marketplace that aims to revolutionize skills improvement and learning. We enable users to continuously upscale and upgrade their skills via bite sized education modules. Supplementing degree education along with most relevant micro-credentials through edugate will allow users to achieve their full potential in professional careers as well enable holistic and continuing education. edugate provides high quality learning anytime, anywhere via our mobile first and online skills and competencies marketplace.

edugate micro-credentials and courses will bridge the skill gap between continuously evolving industry requirements and academia.



Self-paced courses to enable users to learn and improve skills at their own convenience


Universal access to content through our Web & Mobile Apps for learning on the go.

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Affordable quality courses for professionals who want to improve their careers and students who want holisitic education