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The ability to study each potential buyer and respond immediately and appropriately to their verbal and physical cues.   In this course, you” go through the history of psychology in...
  • 15 Lessons
Discover The Hidden Secrets Of Beating Anxiety!   On Completion of this course, you’ll be able to: Discover How To Banish Worry & Live An Anxiety Free Life! Learn How...
  • 10 Lessons
Secrets They NEVER Taught You In School Or Life!   On Completion of this course, you’ll be: Talking In A Way That Your Children Will Listen & Change! Knowing The...
  • 13 Lessons
Using the Power of Social Media to Attract a Crowd of Loyal Customers.   On Completion of this course, you’ll be: In no longer need to “run an ad” and...
  • 39 Lessons
This is Your Ultimate Guide in the Journey to Unravel Your True Self.   If you want to make a positive change in your life, to make it a lasting...
  • 84 Lessons
Since we spend at least 1/3 of our day in the work place, Mindfulness should be a part of it.   In this course, you” look at how mindfulness and...
  • 25 Lessons
What You Say and How You Say It Makes All The Difference Whether In the Way You Speak and Write, or Sit, Stand and Smile.   The course covers spoken...
  • 50 Lessons
Dozens of Tips for Creating Great Blog Posts, Articles, eBooks and Videos are provided in this course.   Getting started is the most important step in writing content . If...
  • 6 Lessons
Writing a blog or vlog doesn’t have to be difficult but with a few tools you can create awesome blogs and vlogs.   In this course, you will learn how...
  • 7 Lessons
The success of your company can and will be determined by your brand.   In this course you will learn what branding is, we will go over the basics of...
  • 11 Lessons
Many businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants use QuickBooks to manage their accounting books. The desktop version has been around for years. But now, many businesses are switching to the Online version...
  • 8 Lessons
These days, there are tons of data coming in from many sources. You are expected to import all of that data and get meaningful results from that data. This course...
  • 26 Lessons

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