Learn Website Hacking Penetration Testing From Scratch

Learn how to hack websites and web applications and learn how to secure them from these hackers. If you are interested in learning website & web application hacking / penetration testing, want to learn how to secure websites & web …

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Learn how to hack websites and web applications and learn how to secure them from these hackers.

If you are interested in learning website & web application hacking / penetration testing, want to learn how to secure websites & web applications from hacker this comprehensive course on Website & Web applications Hacking.

Focus of this course is on the practical side of penetration testing without neglecting the theory behind each attack. Before jumping into penetration testing, you will first learn:

  • How to set up a lab and install needed software to practice penetration testing on your own machine.
  • What is a website,
  • How does it work,
  • What does it rely on,
  • What do mean by a web server, a database, and
  • How all of these components work together to give us functioning websites,

From a beginner to a more advanced level — by the time you finish, you’ll be able to fix vulnerabilities and secure websites from hackers. Following are the III Sections of this course

  1. Information Gathering –
  • How to gather information about your target website
  • How to discover the DNS server used, the services, subdomains, un-published directories, sensitive files, user emails, websites on the same server and even the web hosting provider. This information is crucial as it increases the chances of being able to successfully gain access to the target website.
  1. Discovering, Exploiting & Fixing –
  • Discover, exploit and fix a large number of vulnerabilities
  • Bypass security measurements
  • File upload
  • Code Execution
  • Local File inclusion
  • Remote File inclusion
  • SQL Injection
  • XSS
  • Insecure Session Management
  • Brute Force & Dictionary Attacks


  1. Post Exploitation –
  • Learn what can you do with the access you gained from exploiting the above vulnerabilities,
  • How to convert reverse shell access to a Weevely access and vice versa, you will also learn
  • How to run system commands on the target server, navigate between directories, access other websites on the same server, upload/download files, access the database and even download the whole database to your local machine and
  • How to bypass security and do all of that even if you did not have permissions to do that!

All the attacks in this course are practical attacks that work against any real websites, in each vulnerability you will learn the basic exploitation, then you will learn advanced methods that will give you more privileges or allow you to bypass security measurements — You will learn how and why these vulnerabilities are exploitable, how to fix them and what are the right practices to avoidcasing them.


NOTE: This course is created for educational purposes only and all the attacks are launched in my own lab or against devices that I have permission to test.

Keypoints of your learning:

  • Install windows & vulnerable operating systems as virtual machines for testing
  • Writing SQL queries to find databases, tables and sensitive data such as usernames ad passwords using SQL injections
  • Bypass filtering, and login as admin without password using SQL injections
  • Hack into hooked computers and gain full control over them
  • Fix XSS vulnerabilities & protect yourself from them as a user
  • What do we mean by brute force & wordlist attacks
  • Bypass security measurements
  • Access all websites on the same webserver
  • Connect to the database and execute SQL queries or download the whole database to the local machine
  • Discover servers, technologies and services used on target website
  • Set up a lab environment to practice hacking
  • Install Kali Linux – a penetration testing operating system
  • Learn linux commands and how to interact with the terminal
  • Run javascript code on hooked victims
  • Learn linux basics
  • Understand how websites & web applications work
  • Gather sensitive information about websites
  • Adopt SQL queries to discover and exploit SQL injections in more secure pages
  • Bypass filtering and security measurements
  • Create a wordlist or a dictionary
  • Launch a wordlist attack and guess admin’s password
  • Discover all of the above vulnerabilities automatically using a web proxy
  • Run system commands on the target webserver
  • Understand how browsers communicate with websites
  • Discover, exploit and fix file upload vulnerabilities
  • Access the file system (navigate between directories, read/write files)
  • Download, upload files
  • Find all subdomains associated with a website
  • Discover unpublished directories and files associated with a target website
  • Find all websites hosted on the same server as the target website
  • Exploit advanced file upload vulnerabilities & gain full control over the target website
  • Intercepting requests using a proxy
  • Discover, exploit and fix code execution vulnerabilities
  • Exploit advanced code execution vulnerabilities & gain full control over the target website
  • Discover, exploit & fix local file inclusion vulnerabilities
  • Exploit advanced local file inclusion vulnerabilities & gain full control over the target website
  • Exploit advanced remote file inclusion vulnerabilities & gain full control over the target website
  • Discover, fix, and exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities
  • Bypass login forms and login as admin using SQL injections
  • Discover & exploit blind SQL injections
  • Read / Write files to the server using SQL injections
  • Gain full control over the target server using SQL injections
  • Discover emails and sensitive data associated with a specific website
  • Patch SQL injections quickly
  • Learn the right way to write SQL queries to prevent SQL injections
  • How to use BeEF framework
  • Discover basic & advanced stored XSS vulnerabilities
  • Hook victims to BeEF using reflected, stored and DOM based XSS vulnerabilities
  • Discover DOM-based XSS vulnerabilities
  • Create an undetectable backdoor
  • Discover basic & advanced reflected XSS vulnerabilities
  • Steal credentials from hooked victims


Course Curriculum

Total learning: 93 lessons Time: 52 weeks


Ethical Hacker, Pen-tester & Computer Scientist I am an ethical hacker, a computer scientist, and the founder and CTO of zSecurity. I studied PC Science in University College Dublin & graduated in 2016. I have a superb revel in ethical hacking, I commenced making video tutorials back in 2009 in a moral hacking community (iSecuri1ty), and I additionally labored as a pen-tester for the identical enterprise. In 2013 I started out teaching my first direction on line in Arabic, this path acquired wonderful comments which prompted me to create an English version of this course. The English course became the most famous and the top paid path, this prompted me to make more publications on moral hacking, now I have plenty of courses on ethical hacking and more than 200,000 students enrolled on exclusive teaching structures.

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