About Us

Learning is not a one time event but an unending string of experiences. Edugate is here to make this experience fun and to take  you on a journey adding more power to your personal and professional life.
we are world’s first skills and competency based marketplace optimised to deliver learning content to any smart device or web enabled computer. Don’t worry about low bandwidth, erratic connectivity or discovery of the right content. We have tailored the best of the solution for your need.
Come & Explore the world of endless learning.


Our Vision
To be globally acclaimed as an innovative organization that works toward fulfilling the educational needs of professionals. We aim to empower our customers with skills which will help them get an edge in their careers and improve their lives. With the use of technology, excellent instruction and flexible schedule we aim to become the largest and most engaging learning platform on earth.


Our mission is to bridge the skill gap between industry requirements and the academia through unique offering of courses which can be taken
Anytime (Through self paced courses from across the world)
Anywhere (Through our web application and Mobile application available on all leading platforms)
and by Everyone (Affordable quality courses for All)


With a special focus on
-Quality (Courses curated by domain experts) ,
-Purpose (Courses oriented around specific industry required learning outcome)